The Best Home Cardio Workouts

The Best Home Cardio Workouts
The Best Home Cardio Workouts

Home cardio exercise is the most accessible type of exercise and there are plenty of cardio exercises you can do right in your own living room that can burn calories, depending on how hard you work. For example, if you have a jump rope, 145-lb person can burn a whopping 330 calories with a 30-minute workout. Of course, 30 minutes of jumping rope might kill just about anybody, but you can always start with a few minutes and work your way up. Some other ideas for home cardio exercises and workouts:

  1. WALK! This is at the top of my list because it is so easy. It also does not take any special or expensive equipment. A good fitting pair of walking shoes, lose fitting clothing, a water bottle, and 30 minutes and you are on your way. Oh, and man’s best friend loves the companionship it brings. Take your pooch along for the stroll.
  2. Exercise Videos. These are relatively inexpensive (depending on the brand) and have the added benefit of privacy. You can do your aerobics in the privacy of your own living room. If you are not fit enough to keep up, no worries. Go at your own pace and slowly increase your workout level until you reach the intensity level of the program. Whether your style calls for an intense workout (P90X), a fun and festive dance party (Zumba), a toning regimen (Pilates), or a relaxing stretch routine (Yoga), you can find just about everything in DVD format.
  3. Cycling. This is slightly more expensive because you must purchase the bicycle. If you don’t have bike paths nearby, there is equipment (for an extra cost, of course) that can make your bicycle a stationary bike and you can ride it indoors

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